Soul Shards

A small gem containing one hundredth of a corrupted, sentient soul. Upon waking up in hell, each freshly damned soul has 99 Soul Shards on them. The boatman always takes one shard for his services. The denizens of Hell use these crystals as a kind of currency. Demons can use them to exert their influence on hell, creating buildings and palaces out of the blasted wasteland that makes up hell.

There's a rumor that with 6600 Soul Shards, one can invoke a ritual to warp to the Material Plane.

Here's a list of other goods and services you can buy for Soul Shards.

  • 1 = A meal. (Charred Dretch meat and stale bread.)
  • 3 = A good meal. (Hellroot Stew, Traitor's Surprise)
  • 15 = Opulent Meal. (Material Plane Steak.)
  • 10 = Lodging for a night.
  • 25 = Lodging in a place where you won't get robbed or stabbed in your sleep
  • 36 = An Audience with a mid level Dark Baron.
  • 20 = Safe, guided, passage through the Deathfields.
  • 16 = Bribe for a mid-tier demon to not eat you.
  • 30 = Wretched Soul hireling/ day (Noncombatant)
  • 50 = Murderous Cutthroat hireling/ day (Might stab you in the back)
  • 150 = Loyal Soldier hireling / day (Will fight to the death for you)
  • 75 = Ashstrider bird (Mount)
  • 180 = Pack Lizard (Mount)
  • 245 = Wild Galathor (Mount)

Soul Shards

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