You wake up to the smell of fire and brimstone. Around you are oceans of fire, damned souls and cruel monsters. Welcome to hell.

During your life, you did something to be sent here. You may be a good person, you might not. Hell doesn't care. Now that you've landed here you have to find your way out. Otherwise you've got an eternity of pain to look forward to.


Why are you in hell?

-Deal with a Devil: At some point you were offered a deal that was too good to refuse. It might have been saving a loved one from a terrible disease, fortune and fame, or forbidden knowledge.  Whatever the case, the bill has come due. What did you bargain for your soul?

-Foul Deeds: You did some terrible things during your life. You might regret them, you may have even tried to repent, but it's not enough. The dark mark on your soul has dragged you to hell after your death. What did you do?

-Vengeful Curse: You did something to draw the ire of a powerful warlock, demon, or dark god. In their fit of wrath, they branded their mark onto your soul, damming you to the Pit. What did you do to make such powerful enemies?

-Sins of the Father: You and your bloodline is cursed. You ancestors did such foul deeds that their heirs were cured until judgment day. What atrocities did your ancestors commit?